Peterborough 08.03.18 (International Women’s Day)

Our event at Metal Peterborough is happening very soon on the 8th of March!

The programme is as follows:

Florence Has Left The Building

Directed by Mirrah Foulkes

Florence (Jacki Weaver) is a foul-mouthed resident of a nursing home trying to escape. She gets her chance with the help of a washed-up Elvis impersonator.

florence has left

98 Years & Counting

Directed by Kirthi Nath and Zel Anders

As we enter a new wave of the women’s movement, we have the opportunity to transform and heal our racist and sexist roots and look deeper than simply replacing some men leaders with women. These filmmakers went into the field and asked women at the Oakland Women’s march – what kind of women do you want to see in leadership? What are the values you want to see reflected? How can we be the ones we have been waiting for?



Directed by Joosje Duk

In NIGHT, a small but arguably racist and inconsiderate gesture changes the relationship between women from different backgrounds. The film shows that micro-aggressions which people might not think of as racist can still hurt others, making people think twice about their seemingly harmless actions.


To What End

Directed by Vaishnavi Sundar

Despite the never-ending atrocities against women in India, it wasn’t until 1997 that the Supreme Court of India thought it may be a good idea to set up a formal forum for redressal. The 2013 Act which superseded the earlier Vishaka Commission was set up. But is setting committees alone solving problems?


160 Characters

Directed by Victoria Mapplebeck

When a vintage Nokia is recharged, a compelling real life story is revealed. A story that unfolds in just 100 texts and tells the story of how two people, meet, date, break up and deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Shot entirely on an iPhone 6, 160 Characters uncovers the secrets and stories, buried in our mobiles both old and new.


A Bird in a Cage

Directed by Lauren Orme

Wales has its share of incredible history; from the stories and characters of legend to the real-life heroes who have helped change the world we live in. A Bird in a Cage uncovers the forgotten story of Lady Rhondda, one of these fascinating and revolutionary historical figures, whose groundbreaking work for women’s rights during the first half of the 20th Century has largely gone unrecognised until now.

a bird in a cage

The Escape Hatch

Written and Produced by Gina Lambropoulos

When your best friend is busy swiping you left, it might take a superhero to make it right! A feel good film about love and courage.

escape hatch

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