Peterborough 17.11.17

peterboroughposter.jpgWe are screening an hour or short films at Metal in Peterborough on the 17th of November.



by Jennifer Zheng

BAFTA Nominated, Some things can only be understood with maturity.
New light is shed on childhood cultural misunderstandings when a Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time in this animated film.

We Are Sisters

Directed by B.B Araya

We Are is a narrative short film series that offers a glimpse into the lives of seven women of color who call Austin home. After a long weekend of bickering two sisters find something to bond over.



by Jemima Hughes

Jemima Hughes is a disabled and deaf filmmaker who has cerebral palsy, speaks using an electronic communication aid, and is keen to see the voices and creativity of disabled people better represented in the media.  Imagination is a lively, colourful cut-out animation inspired by Matisse paper cuts.


Directed by Nicole Davidson

A documentary about four male ballet dancers at different points in their careers. They talk about their love of dance and their lives as people not doing something “traditionally masculine”.


Directed by Martje Schreier

Lucie, a spirited young woman, ends up in the middle of nowhere in the Brandenburgian province. Wandering about the fields in the sweltering midsummer sun, Lucie tries to make her way back home. When she stumbles upon a bus stop, the waiting begins.


Directed by Anastasia Vorotnikova

Female rugby player Yulia “Led” Ledovskaya is at the top of her career. She questions what is feminine and starts to question her future whilst preparing for the world cup.

La Madre Buena

Directed by Sarah Clift

A Mexican mother embarks upon an epic journey across land and through her politics, to find her son’s birthday request – a Donald Trump piñata.



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